Dr. Jim Gardner brings a wealth of experience to Lake Forest. He has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and worked as a Therapist as well as a Professor. He also owned and managed his own software development company, Internet marketing company, and served as a Management Consultant to Fortune 500 companies. 

Dr. Jim Gardner is...


  • President, Lake Forest Beach & Tennis Club HOA.
  • Member, Lake Forest Community Council.
  • Graduate, Lake Forest Leadership Academy.
  • Graduate, Lake Forest Emergency Preparedness Academy.
  • Member, Lake Forest Parade Committee.
  • City Leader, South County Animal Shelter Coalition.
  • Director, Friends of Lake Forest Animals.
  • Adviser and Fund Raiser, Breast Cancer Survivors.
  • Author of 100 professional articles, 6 books, and 6 software programs.
  • Former University Professor and Department Head.
  • Former Executive Director, Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council.
  • Former Treasurer and President Versailles HOA.
  • Former Treasurer and President Woodside Village HOA.

He has lived and worked in Australia, Africa, and Brazil, and in the US he lived and worked in New York, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He has been in California since 1980.

Dr. Gardner is the author of 6 books and more than 100 articles in major professional journals. He is a member of Psi Chi (National Honor Society) and a Fellow of the American Association on Developmental Disabilities and the Australian Psychological Society. Among his many awards and honors he was named a Top 100 innovator in the PC field by MicroTimes and was Outstanding Young Man by the Columbus Jaycees. Dr. Gardner served on the editorial boards of more than a dozen professional journals, including Computers in Human Services, Mental Retardation, Analysis and Intervention, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Clinical Psychologist, and Professional Psychology.

Dr. Gardner continues as a supporting member of Breast Cancer Survivors, a California based group that provides financial assistance to people who are unable to pay their rent as a result of the onset of cancer and the problems associated with cancer treatment. Through his grant writing and fund raising efforts he has helped generate more than $1,000,000 that has been used to improve the quality of life of hundreds of families. You can view the activities of this very important organization at BC Survivors.

Dr. Gardner is certified in animal rehabilitation. He has worked to save sea birds from oil spills off the coast of California, and helped save Pelicans from the Salton Sea who were diseased with botulism.  Since 2003 he and his wife have maintained a 3000 acre rainforest along the Atlantic coast about 2 hours south of Salvador Brazil. Here they protect native animals and grow several endangered trees, including the Pau Brazil tree, the only tree whose wood is used to make high quality musical bows. Their efforts have resulted in the largest single collection of Pau Brazil trees in the world - a precious resource for future generations.


Dr. Jim Gardner

Dr. Gardner`s wife and dog Puffy in Brazil

Dr. Gardner in New Orleans


In 2005 Dr. Gardner went to rescue animals in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Not content to go once, he went 3 separate times, and his work there has been described in the recent book Rescued by Linda and Allen Anderson and on the Muttshack website.

In 2006 Dr. Gardner joined the South County Animal Shelter Coalition, a grass roots group of 5,000 citizens asking for reform of the Orange County Shelter (Click here for details about the Shelter). He`s made dozens of appearances at city councils in Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Mission Viejo. and Rancho Santa Margarita, as well as several appearances before the Orange County Board of Supervisors.


Big Dog Being Interviewed


In 2007, Dr. Gardner helped found the Friends of Lake Forest Animals, a 501 c 3 group in the city of Lake Forest. The group has already held several fund raisers, won a trophy for their float in the Lake Forest 4th of July parade, and is working with the city to help improve the lives of people and their pets.

In 2008 he started a pet food drive to supply people with limited economic needs with pet food so that their animals would not be abandoned or surrendered to shelters where they might be killed. Along with his wife they helped raise and distribute more than 100 tons of pet food.

Dr. Jim Gardner

Dr. Gardner shows off some of the 100 TONS of food he and volunteers collected



In 2009 Dr. Gardner worked with Best Friends in their opposition to "puppy mills" and the direct result of their work was a 2011 lawsuit designed to end the sale of puppies from puppy mills. That lawsuit is now pending.

In 2010 Dr. Gardner put together a coalition of pet groups, Veterinarians, pet food stores, and others to support a "Seniors for Seniors" program that provided discounts to senior citizens who adopted senior pets. Dr. Gardner was recognized by the County for his work in this important program.


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